How are the Leis shipped to me?
We ship FEDEX Priority Overnight for next-day arrival to most areas by 10:30 am

What does the box look like?
We ship in recycleable environmentally-friendly sturdy cardboard boxes - each Lei comes with its own protective plastic sleeve to esure safe travel and freshness

How do I take care of the Leis once I receive them?
Easy care and handling instructions are included with each shipment. Flowers can be revived simply by misting or submerging the entire Lei in water for a short time.

We need 2 Bombay Leis, 2 White Leis, and 2 bages of Loose Blossoms - is this type of order possible?
Yes - we can Custom-pack most quantities at the farm for you

My wedding is going to be in Texas, but I live in New York - can you ship them to my hotel in Texas?
Certainly - we can ship anywhere in the 50 States USA

I'm an event planner in California who will be catering a party in Texas - can you ship the Leis to my event site in Texas?
Yes - just give us a street address and contact name for a person at your event site so we can address your shipment accordingly

What is the difference between Single and Double Leis?
Single Leis are strung through the flower “throats” with flowers consecutively placed. Double Leis are strung through the sides of the flowers, with flowers facing all directions for a fuller appearance. All Garlands are made Double-Style.

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